Hunted by unknown enemies, four doctors are forced to solve life or death medical puzzles under the leadership of the enigmatic Dr. Tseng. Loaded with psychological tension, espionage, and deception, this intelligent and entertaining new movie is informed by real medical cases. Medical drama thrillers from the mind of J. T. Madicus. Installment one: No Second Chances coming soon.

A Thrilling Medical Drama By J. T. Madicus

Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances

Produced by J. T. Madicus in collaboration with QUPI, SOWA Marketing and 8Image. Directed by Gabriel Rodak.


A gripping medical thriller with a flavor of drama, espionage and action No Second Chances tells the story of an enigmatic American doctor, Dr. Tseng. When Tseng is kidnapped and taken to Europe, he finds himself and a gang of equally troubled doctors thrust into a mystery that will challenge their medical knowledge like never before.

Dr Tseng

Dr. Tseng is used to hangovers, but this is on a whole other level. The hard-drinking, pill-popping doctor may be a medical genius, but even he canโ€™t figure out whatโ€™s going on when wakes up and finds himself imprisoned in a basement cell. Alongside him are three misfit doctors, each of whom is trying to escape from something.

Dr Liz

Dr Liz is cool, confident and sassy, and is not afraid to use her looks to seduce and manipulate men. Tseng is quick to objectify her – his misogyny is the defense mechanism that he falls into when faced with an attractive woman. The whisky and drugs donโ€™t help. But through the tension, an attraction blossoms that will soften Tseng, and help Liz get in touch with the thing that made her become a doctor in the first place: the urge to heal.

Dr Greg

Dr. Greg is frail and appears physically ill. Heโ€™s hiding something, but he wonโ€™t be able to fool Dr. Tseng for long. A shy but cunning pharmacist and doctor, his natural personality as a peacemaker is tested like never before in the high risk, combative new world that he has been thrown into.

Dr Chris

Dr Chris is physically formidable. A series of missteps in his personal and professional life saw him forced to use his hands for fighting, not healing. Arrogant, headstrong and with a short fuse, he immediately clashes with Dr Tseng. His anger is fueled by jealousy. He wishes that Liz would look at him the way she looks at Tseng, and that Dr Greg would show him the same level of respect


Jeff has known Tseng all his life. Wise, confident and secretive, he fights hard to hold the nascent team together as they escape assassins, diagnose patients, and get ever closer to unraveling the mysterious and sinister plot which threatens everyone they know. His greatest fear is that Tseng may never truly recover from his haunting past and become the doctor he once was.

Character Insight

This is Dr Tsengโ€™s journey to solve the mysteries of his past and become the man he was born to be. And if he stays sober long enough, he may just save not only his new colleagues, but also the millions of lives that are now threatened by a ruthless criminal organization.