Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances

The Medical Drama Thriller Novel by J. T. Madicus

Far from home, Dr. Tseng and his sidekicks of troubled yet talented doctors must solve complex medical mysteries, all the while staying one step ahead of the dark forces that want them dead. Tseng’s past may, however, be the greatest riddle of all.

The first book in the Final Diagnosis series, No Second Chances is a novel of mystery, suspense and drama that also contains real-world medical insight and facts.

Written by J. T. Madicus and illustrated by Gabriel Rodak, Blue Book Reviews described No Second Chances as an “Intelligently written plot entangled with medical insights.” First written as part of J. T. Madicus’ mission to put the joy (dare we say the thrill) back into medical education, No Second Chances has gone on to win over a mainstream audience who are captivated by the fast-paced plot, deeply layered characters, life or death medical challenges and psychological intrigue.

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No Second Chances updates

Unless you’ve been deep in a Dr. Tseng style drug induced coma, you will have heard that No Second Chances is being transformed into a full-feature film! Follow https://no2ndchances.com/ for updates

Second installment coming soon! Final Diagnosis Part Two (Title to be revealed soon) follows on from the events in No Second Chances as the characters fight for their lives in a world that wants them dead

Final Diagnosis book 1 on sale


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