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“American Thriller No Second Chances Created in Poznan, Poland”

The film was produced and written by an American, Jason T. Madicus, but it was directed by a Pole, Gabriel Rodak. It is the first feature film by the artist, who we have known so far as a painter, illustrator and author of musicals.


“Pilot of New Series Created in Poznan Club”

A new film production is being made at Klub pod Minogą. The authors will try to sell it to the Netflix platform. It is not a typical Polish production, because we can meet there actors from all over the world. An additional flavour is the fact that the music is provided by our Poznan band, The End!


“Polish Actor from Game of Thrones Joins Another Production”

Although Paweł Sakowski did not play a significant role in ``Game of Thrones``, his work on the set of the series brought him fame in Poland. The actor cannot complain about the lack of offers and now he is working on an international production. He is currently working on an international production. He is to play there one of the key characters, which he told Gazeta.pl.


“Pole from Game of Thrones Takes on Another International Project”

Paweł Sakowski, who became known in Poland for his role in ``Game of Thrones,`` is working on a new international production. In an interview with Gazeta.pl, the actor revealed some secrets about the Polish-American series in which he will play one of the key characters.


“New Netflix series filmed in Poznan? Poles in the cast!”

The shooting of the pilot for an American series ``No Second Chances``, which will probably be released on Netflix early next year, has ended in Poznan. There are also Poles in the crew. In one of the important roles we will see an actor from ``Game of Thrones``.


“Is a New Netflix Series in Creation in Poznan?”

A medical thriller has been filmed in Poznań for several days. The production is to be released on one of VOD platforms.


“West-Pomeranian Actress to Appear in American Production”

Ilona Janyst with a tattoo all over her arm? Fans will see a well-known actress in a new face. The actress from Drawsko Pomorskie will play the main role in an American series. The shooting finished a few days ago, the first effects are to be known this year.


“Graduate of a Szczecin High School to Appear in American Film”

She attended high school number IX and now plays the female lead in an international production. As she says, Szczecin was of great importance for her acting career. Ilona also emphasizes that the capital of Western Pomerania has a great potential and is a place where filming for blockbusters can be realized.


State of Healthcare in the US with J. T. Madicus

J.T. Madicus is an American entrepreneur, educator, author, and producer. Through his books, films, and businesses, he advocates for modern solutions to the problems facing our world, particularly in the fields of healthcare, education, and sustainability.



J.T. Madicus — author, producer, medical activist, and entrepreneur on his new medical drama/thriller novel with real-life medical science, No Second Chances, the first novel of five in the Final Diagnosis series. Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances is a thriller novel that also teaches you medicine.


Do What Makes You Happy and Fulfilled with J.T. Madicus

J.T. is an American author, entrepreneur, and medical educator, known worldwide for his “Future Doc House” YouTube channel where he demystifies complicated medical subjects such as microbiology. He is the author of Final Diagnosis – No Second Chances, the novel that serves as the inspiration for this TV series.


Show 244: International Movie Makers in Poznan

International cast, massive film crew, and shooting locations around the city - does Poznan have what it takes to become the next Hollywood? It's Possible! Discover the minds and hearts behind 'No Second Chances' - a medical drama, and thriller filmed right here.</p> <p>A unique flick shot right here in this incredible city - discover our most Polly-wood show ever created! Learn more, right here in on International Poznan!



Our special guest is J. T. Madicus. He is an American entrepreneur. Through his books, films, and businesses, he is a Medical Activist, Author and Producer.


Meet J.T. Madicus: Novelist, filmmaker, and medical activist

J.T. Madicus is already differentiating himself as a novelist. The author of Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances combines his real-life knowledge of medical science with his love of fiction to create a medical drama/thriller novel that actually teaches its audience medicine. No Second Chances is the first novel in the Final Diagnosis series, which will span 5 novels total. Additionally, the first novel has already taken life into the form of a film and is set to premiere in Summer 2020.